Burden Limbs - 'There Is No Escape' - Digital

  • Burden Limbs - 'There Is No Escape' - Digital

Burden Limbs - 'There Is No Escape' - Digital

‘There is No Escape’ is the debut EP from Burden Limbs as a full ensemble.

Recorded live over two days in the remote site of Shaken Oak Farm, Oxford in late 2018, Burden Limb's sound has been described as “miserable bastard music” with a large variety of influences. However, the band largely likes to refer to this as ‘Jank’.

‘There is No Escape’ is an ear-bleeding assault on the senses, comprising four-unique tours through trauma and existential dread. Expect tribalistic drumming, uncomfortably personal lyrics and the gargantuan combination of two void-conjuring basses, three jagged guitars and a well-piloted synthesiser colliding with intensely vitriolic vocals. Burden Limbs is not a band for the faint of heart, whilst in this early stage of their career they’ve played very few shows, the most common descriptor for their pre-release gigs was one word - “harrowing”…and they’re just getting started.

Engineering and mixing by Jake Murray

Mastered by Bob De Wit

Track Listing

  1. Shallow Grave
  2. How Many Times Must I Reset
  3. Hypochondriac
  4. Burden Limbs

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