Burden Limbs - 'There Is No Escape' T-Shirt Apparel


Burden Limbs - 'There Is No Escape' t-shirts printed and pressed Direct To Garment on Gildan Softstyle by Shirtysomething. (Thanks Rog!)

‘There is No Escape’ is the debut EP from Burden Limbs as a full ensemble.

Recorded live over two days in the remote site of Shaken Oak Farm, Oxford in late 2018, Burden Limb's sound has been described as “miserable bastard music” with a large variety of influences. However, the band largely likes to refer to this as ‘Jank’. The London-based five-piece worked closely with producer and mixing engineer Jake Murray (in violet), with the mastering completed by Bob De Wit, sought by the band for his work with Gnod, The Cosmic Dead and Radar Men From The Moon.

‘There is No Escape’ is an ear-bleeding assault on the senses, comprising four-unique tours through trauma and existential dread. Expect tribalistic drumming, uncomfortably personal lyrics and the gargantuan combination of two void-conjuring basses, three jagged guitars and a well-piloted synthesiser colliding with intensely vitriolic vocals. Burden Limbs is not a band for the faint of heart, whilst in this early stage of their career they’ve played very few shows, the most common descriptor for their pre-release gigs was one word - “harrowing”…and they’re just getting started.

The EP is released 6th September 2019 on Glasshouse Records, taking the form of a graphic t-shirt partnered with a digital download.


  1. Shallow Grave
  2. How Many Times Must I Reset
  3. Hypochondriac
  4. Burden Limbs