Mandrake Handshake - 'The Triple Point of Water' Digital

  • Mandrake Handshake - 'The Triple Point of Water' Digital

Mandrake Handshake - 'The Triple Point of Water' Digital

Forming in the Autumn of 2018, and now based in London, Mandrake released their glistening debut EP in collaboration with Nice Swan Records in 2021, followed by reinforcing their status as an exaltant live prospect since the reintroduction of gigs post-lockdown. First packing out fields at Wide Awake Festival, then rattling church vaults at Rotterdam’s Left of the Dial, the crown in the Mandrake jewels was a rapturous set at Green Man Festival '22, delivered to a brimming far out tent. There were also nationwide headline tours in the spring of 2022, including sell-outs in London, Manchester and Oxford, where the group first formed, with more shows expected before the year closes out.

Indicative of the self-honed style they dub ‘Flowerkraut’, ‘The Triple Point of Water’ unleashes a hedonistic brain-frying feast of krautrock, art-pop and psychedelia, spiced with enigmatic grooves and fearless improvisations. Riff-shredding odes to anime ninjas tussle seamlessly with psych-pop romances on the complexities of human love. Suspenseful french-noir fuckeries explode into triumphant motorik propulsions about toppling-fascism and aggressive, counter-pressing football. Incorporating the expansive range of influences the group have absorbed in the last eighteen months, as well as their new-found penchant for spur-of-the-moment jams - both in the writing process and in their live set - ‘The Triple Point of Water’ provides the Mandrake’s most definitive statement on record yet.

Produced by Row Janjuah

Recorded by Adam Durbridge

Mixed by Jimmy Robertson

Mastered by Dean Mccarthy at A Thing Called Music

Artwork by Hannah Woollam

With special thanks to Nicko and Gillie for their most generous use of their barn, and to Adam for his tireless work to move this project forward in the face of multiple adversities.

Track Listing

  1. Emonzaemon
  2. Vitamin Sunday
  3. Row’s Tinted Glasses - Diogo Jota

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