in violet - 'ISOLATE'

  • in violet - 'ISOLATE'

in violet - 'ISOLATE'

‘ISOLATE' is a perspective piece moving through the motions of the pandemic.

Wrestling cabin fever, a sense of moral duty, restrictions to our way of life and social responsibility, ‘ISOLATE’ was initially formed by a single sample, captured from a local London authority vehicle patrolling a park during the first days of lockdown. This dystopian message alerted people via a tannoy to "Stay home. You should only be here for exercise, if you are not then please go home.”

As with most in violet songs, ‘ISOLATE’ grew from a collection of loops and ideas, forming to bridge the gap between deep synth-based music akin to Berlin-techno and a heavy live guitar band. Bandleader Jake Murray explains; "We couldn’t dance anymore and I really felt that loss of community. I really wanted the song to cover a lot of ground, to feel relatable lyrically, to resonate the angst I saw people around me experiencing, but also for it to be a sort of love letter to techno and club culture which I was missing so badly. Creating this sweeping journey through the motions of dutiful isolation VS shared experience was really important.”

‘ISOLATE’ once again demonstrates in violet’s multidimensional and multilayered expression. Armed this time with 8-bit synths and keys galore, drum machines and warped samples plus two live drummers, pummelling away behind that weighty hard techno backbone. A hefty wall of guitars rage with an electric fork-in-the-plug-socket crunch, meaty bass riffs and anthemic vocals pile up the intensity to blow your face clean off.

Jake Murray - Guitar / Vocals / Programming
Ary Maudit - Guitar
Chad Murray - Synth / Guitar / Vocals
Rory Dickinson - Bass
Christina Lopez - Drums
Robbie Khun - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Jake Murray

Mastered by Katie Tavini

Artwork by Ed Sprake

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