Burden Limbs - 'Surgery' - Digital

  • Burden Limbs - 'Surgery' - Digital

Burden Limbs - 'Surgery' - Digital

The eight track re-working of the band’s debut EP 'There is No Escape' features a range of different mutations of the Burden Limbs sound. Where the original content is frenzied, bleak and deranged, Surgery offers different perspectives on the songs with some residing in as contrasting genre-landscapes as ambient-dub, psych and electronica.

Featured remix artists include Gnoomes, Teeth of The Sea’s Mike Bourne, Ilia Gorovitz (formerly of HYNOM) and Metalogue.

The remix collection is intended to give greater focus to the sonic polygonality of Burden Limbs' music.
This collection will allow an easy vehicle for those not familiar with their music to hear it in a more welcoming context and also allow people to appreciate these layers of their sound that might otherwise be missed.

Track Listing

  1. HTMIR (Metalogue Remix)
  2. Burden Limbs (Ilia Gorovitz Remix)
  3. How Many Times Must I Reset (The Dark Remix)
  4. Shallow Grave (Lutra Lutra - Spring Chicken Remix)
  5. Shallow Hypochondriac (Mike Bourne Remix)
  6. Burden Limbs (Gnoomes Remix)
  7. Burden Limbs (Nivalis Remix)
  8. Hypochondriac (Karhide Remix - Bonus Track)

Pressing Information

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