Burden Limbs - 'In the Flesh' - Digital

  • Burden Limbs - 'In the Flesh' - Digital

Burden Limbs - 'In the Flesh' - Digital

Back in November 2019, Glasshouse's resident miserable jank brigade Burden Limbs filmed and recorded a live session at Strongroom Studios in London, which went on to be broadcasted over a 24 hour period via the Dutch psyche streaming network 'Supernova Sect' in April 2021.

'In The Flesh' is the first follow up to Burden Limbs' debut EP 'There is No Escape' and see's the band for the first time fully-formed and armed with a new second bass player Ed Dabble-Heath and new drummer George Bailey contributing to their sound in their six-member strong unit, ready to surprise you with their jarring and unsettling mammoth wall of noise.

Clocking in just over 28 minutes, 'In The Flesh' is a live recording of four raw and emotionally intense tracks, recorded in one day debuts two new songs from forthcoming releases as well renditions of the previous EP tracks ‘Hypochondriac’ and ‘Burden Limbs’.

Engineered and mixed by Carlos Mas

Mastered by Bob de Wit

Artwork photography by Jose Ramon Caamaño

Artwork visuals by Emily Bailey

Track Listing

  1. The Horrors To Come
  2. Scorched Earth
  3. Hypochondriac
  4. Burden Limbs

Pressing Information

Digital Only

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