BELK - 'UMPIRE' - Digital

  • BELK - 'UMPIRE' - Digital

BELK - 'UMPIRE' - Digital

Somewhere in the middle of noise, heavy psyche and grind sits the duo known as BELK; Alex F Pearson and George Chadwick. After a brief lineup change, the Leeds-based unit in this formation came together in early 2020 and to date, have self-released two thunderous EP's during the pandemic.

There is no better place to start than with their excellent sophomore effort 'UMPIRE', a hefty 4-track EP recorded at Mabgate Bleach, Leeds. Clocking in at just over 11 minutes, this EP is vicious, upfront and straight to the point. This EP has been re-issued on limited edition two colour cassette tapes accompanied by a limited run of t-shirts, designed by guitarist Alex F Pearson.

'UMPIRE' is a super heavy, abrasive and savage racket which needs to be listened to at maximum volume and is guaranteed to jump right out the speakers.

Engineered & Mixed by Jack Devlin

Mastered by Edd Wilding

Artwork by Alex F Pearson

Track Listing

  1. Chat Pile
  2. The Garden
  3. Money
  4. Japanese Dance

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