Burden Limbs - 'In The Flesh' Official Release 1 August 2021

Back in November, Glasshouse's resident miserable jank brigade Burden Limbs filmed and recorded a live session which was broadcasted over a 24 hour period via the Dutch psyche streaming network Supernova Sect a few months later.

The time has now come to announce that 'In The Flesh' is officially released today over on our Bandcamp!

'In The Flesh' is the first follow up to Burden Limbs' 2019 debut EP 'There is No Escape', which see's the band fully-formed and ready to surprise new and returning fans with their jarring and unsettling mammoth wall of noise.

Clocking in just over 28 minutes, 'In The Flesh' is a live recording of four raw and emotionally intense tracks, recorded in one day at Strongroom Studios and for the first time features the band's new second bassist Edmund Dable-Heath and new drummer George Bailey contributing to their sound. This live album debuts two new songs from forthcoming releases as well renditions of the previous EP tracks ‘Hypochondriac’ and ‘Burden Limbs’.

The band’s founder Chad Murray has this to say about the release: “Our focus has become to consistently reach a higher standard with our output and to not only reach new listeners but, also to demonstrate to existing listeners that we are not a band in its infancy but, a band in its prime with a lot to prove”

'In The Flesh' is out now Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want alongside an accompanying t-shirt.