For Breakfast

Hailing from north-east London, For Breakfast create a seven-piece strong mammoth sound, charting a unique course from driving post-punk to spacious post-rock via jazz, psych and dream-pop, too anxious to stay put yet drawing all the joy they can from their surroundings.

For Breakfast's debut EP 'Songs in The Key of O' was released mid-pandemic in June 2020, championed and praised by So Young Magazine, Loud & Quiet and The Quietus as an unwieldy mishmash of genres and styles that uniquely revels in the absolute chaos. Moody and edgy in equal measure, at times cacophonous, at times very spare.

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For Breakfast - Songs in the Key of Others
Glasshouse Records
For Breakfast - Songs in the Key of O
Glasshouse Records
For Breakfast - Undercurrent
Glasshouse Records

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